Training for my next half marathon

A friend invited me to do a half marathon in November.  Nevermind that we live in Canada so November is likely to be cold, I have only two months to get back into training.

In the past I’ve used a coach but recently joined a gym.  At that point I dropped the coaching.  I did the gym membership in order to access their spin classes in an attempt to mix up my exercise a bit – it can get boring otherwise.

However having had a coach, I’ve got a reasonable idea how he would ramp me up to this event.  What I’ll do is jog 45minutes to an hour, 2-3 times a week.  That’ll get me roughly 6-10km’s per run.  Then once a week on the weekend I’ll do a longer run.  The longer runs will start at 10K and ramp up over the next 8 weeks to go to 19km’s the weekend prior to the run.  Then the actual run will be 21km’s, should be no problem.

One other thing the coach did was have recovery weeks about every 6-8 weeks.  Given the short timeframe I won’t have the opportunity to have a recovery week.  Thats OK though, as I really need to ramp up my exercise just from a fitness and weight perspective anyway.

The gym membership may turn out to be not what I expected.  I joined it for the spin classes, however the hours for those are really weird.  5:30 am one day, 9:30 two days later, then 4:30pm – nothing consistent. It’s difficult to even remember when the classes are, and impossible to get into a routine.  that’s been problematic for me.

Instead, I may take to wandering over and using their weights.  We have a full gym in our basement, including free weights, but I like their machines and heavier equipment.  While I was heavy into bodybuilding in my younger days, it’s been many years since I’ve worked out routinely with weights.  Might be fun to get back into them and get toned up again.  Particularly if I manage to lose weight now thati I’ve gone gluten free and gotten back into working out after a couple of month relapse.

So that’s my upcoming agenda – start ramping up for my next marathon, off days maybe do some weights.  Run 6-10K 2-3 times a week with a longer run.

Oh, one other thing.  Because I’m a heavy guy (6′ and the better part of 270 lbs), I can’t flat out run a marathon.  Exercise like this isn’t about training for speed – it’s about training heart rate.  My heart rate simply gets too high when running sustained, and I’ll eventually bonk.  So instead, I do the 10 and 1.  Run 10 minutes, walk for 1.  Run for 10, walk for 1.  That’s my peak – I won’t ever run nonstop for long distances.  And that’s common these days – many marathons have pace runners, some that go nonstop, and many that do the 10-1 thing.  Right now I’m doing 5-1, but I’ll increase that to 6-1 and so on until I hit 10-1 over the coming weeks.